The vision of AMSE


The vision of AMSE is the promotion of the highest quality of management, medical education and research of Medical Schools within the whole of Europe.


AMSE aims at the improvement of standards, value and relevance of all Medical Schools in Europe through education, research, service and collaboration.


AMSE, being grounded in science- and evidence-based medicine, is committed to:

  • maintaining excellence and relevance
  • promoting individual and community health care and practice
  • being responsible and socially responsive
  • upholding professional and ethical standards
  • protecting human rights and dignity
  • advancing equity and social justice
  • ensuring transparency and accountability



  • to promote the development and quality of medical education, research, service and collaboration
  • to develop tools to measure quality of teaching and learning experience
  • to contribute to the setting of standards in medical education for good practice with regard to teaching and assessment, with special reference to accreditation


  • to exchange teaching and learning materials, teachers and students
  • to support evaluation and documentation of training for students and teachers
  • to share programmes, curricula and practices in medical education
  • to support service learning
  • to lead innovation in medical education to meet the needs of the community and society
  • to promote and support the conduct of research in medical education


  • to promote and support the conduct of research in basic and clinical sciences, and its conversion and application to the relevant needs for the population and the health system


  • to encourage Medical Schools to strengthen their service through education and research within the clinical service
  • to ensure the sustainability of academic health centres which link teaching, learning and research to health system needs
  • to strengthen relationships in academic health centres and the health services
    to develop relations between Medical Schools and other professional, governmental and non-governmental organisations in education, academic management, medical research and health care in Europe
  • to contribute to setting of standards for health services
  • to contribute to continuing education of human resources in the health system


  • to foster communication, collaboration and networking between Medical Schools
  • to promote collaboration and networking with healthrelated organisations


  • to influence, inform and advise relevant national and global decision- and policymakers in matters related to the promotion of Medical Schools in Europe
  • to serve as the voice and the advocate for academic medicine in Europe
  • to promote the highest standards of medical professionalism in Europe

Social accountability

  • to promote the social accountability of Medical Schools through nurturing the relationship between Medical Schools and the community, the health system and the broader society