Aims and approaches

AMSE promotes and develops the co-operation between Medical Schools in Europe, it also enhances and ensures the quality of their activities.

AMSE is concerned primarily with the functions and responsibilities of Medical Schools, which, among others, include the following:

  • the development of Medical Schools
  • the developments in medicine, medical science, social sciences and society and their conversion into policies of medical education, admission and research management
  • organisational, academic management and institutional problems faced by Medical Schools
  • the relationship between Medical Schools, health service and health care organisations, and relevant national and international authorities
  • the developments in professions allied to medicine and their links with Medical Schools
  • the role of Medical Schools in post-graduate and continuing professional development
  • the role of Medical Schools in research and research training
  • the quality assurance of medical education and Medical Schools across Europe according to the WFME standards.