Professor Peter Dieter


Professor Peter Dieter

On December 25th 2019, Peter Dieter, President of the Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) died peacefully in his home town Dresden, Germany, in the presents of his family.

Peter Dieter was a leader in medical education with national and international reputation. He was formally trained in Biochemistry and appointed a full professorship in Medical Biochemistry at the Medical Faculty of the Carl Gustav Carus Technical University of Dresden in 1997.

Peter Dieter advanced medical education in Germany, Europe and world wide. He was appointed as Dean of Student Affairs for the undergraduate medical program at the Technical University Dresden from 1999 2007. He led the project “Reform of the Dresden Medical Program in Alliance with the Harvard Medical School, USA”. Peter Dieter belongs to the founders of the German Master Medical Education Program in which he taught leadership.

In 2014, Peter Dieter was elected as President of AMSE. Under his presidency, AMSE made significant contributions to the field of accreditation of medical schools and the quality of medical training in Europe.