Call for nominations – AMSE EC


Call for nominations – AMSE EC

Dear Friends and Colleagues, dear Members of AMSE,

The next General Assembly of AMSE will take place online during the AMSE 2021 conference on 8th October 2021, afternoon, invite follows. For more information about the AMSE 2021 conference MEDICAL SCHOOLS OF THE FUTURE – TOWARDS PURPOSEFUL INNOVATION please go to The conference will be held in an on-line format from 7th – 9th October, 2021 and is hosted by the University of Vilnius, Lithuania. All AMSE member schools are invited to take part.

A key activity in this year’s AMSE General Assembly will be the elections and re-elections of AMSE EC members and positions. With this email, I call for nominations for the AMSE EC, i.e. regular AMSE EC member position, AMSE Auditor position and AMSE General Secretary position. I invite all AMSE members to propose the best representatives for these positions.

For more details, please read the full call for nominations letter enclosed.

Many thanks in advance for outstanding proposals and supporting AMSE.

Best wishes from Berlin,

Prof. Harm Peters
AMSE President