AMSE participates in a European Project of Teacher Training in Health Sciences


AMSE participates in a European Project of Teacher Training in Health Sciences

AMSE participates as a partner of the Erasmus+ project ‘Development of innovative training solutions in the field of functional evaluation aimed at updating the curricula of health sciences schools: Project TEACH. The initiative responds to the contemporary challenges of medical care, derived from aging and the problems associated with the increasing long-term functional limitations (physical, mental and social).

Researchers from three countries – Poland, Spain and Germany – will develop a specialised training program for medical higher education institutions, taking into account a wide range of requirements of teachers who deal with health sciences across Europe and related to the health policy of the European Union in this field of Functional Evaluation.

In this context, the strategic result will be the development of mechanisms to improve the health indicators of European society, which should begin with the adequate teaching of medical students. In addition, TEACH will stimulate the creation of professional opportunities for teachers, as it will improve links and communication between universities, the innovation sector and health professionals. TEACH also aims to standardise the best practices among European healthcare professionals. This will mitigate the differences among member countries and help them share common knowledge and methodologies to face common challenges.

The TEACH consortium is made up of four organisations:

  • two academic organisations: the University of Valencia and the Silesia University of Technology (SUT, Poland);
  • a research centre: Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV, Spain);
  • an association: the Association of Medical Schools of Medicine in Europe (AMSE, Germany).

TEACH has three main substantive activities associated, all of which are accessible free of charge to the target users and also to the general public interested in them. It will be an electronic document available in the public area of the project website. Also an online course integrated in the online platform (pilot version). This output will include a set of different electronic documents that will be available on the project website, on the websites of the project partners and on the Erasmus+ website. The course will be an open access action that, once the project is completed, will be available as part of the training of the project partners.

The project has been funded with the support of the European Commission under the Erasmus+ program with a duration of 24 months from November 1, 2018 to October 31, 2020.

Read more about TEACH on the project website: