AMSE Newsletter – 2023 – No. 7


AMSE Newsletter – 2023 – No. 7

Dear friends, colleagues and members of AMSE,

I am pleased to inform you that AMSE has entered into a mutual partnership with the Oxford Centre of Medical Education (OxCME, London, UK). The Director is Dr. Farshad Shaddel. OxCME is a non-for-profit community, established by a team of experienced Oxford-based clinical educators to enhance the portfolio of medical education nationally and internationally by providing elite and high quality courses, supporting conferences, courses, events, research and development in the field of medical and clinical education.

In this AMSE newsletter I invite you to register and attend in the OxCME International webinar on:

Celebrating Excellence in Patient-Centred Medical Education

that will take place on Tuesday, October 03, 2023, 12:00-14:00.

The webinar includes:

  • Plenaries. Two insightful and informative short talks by Prof Trevor Gibbs and Prof Athanasia Printza, both members of the AMSE Executive Committee.
  • Denis O’Leary (DoL) Award Winner Presentations. Short presentations followed by Q&A form the DoL awards winners about their exciting and innovative projects. The DoL Award is open to all medical/clinical educators who have developed, implemented and evaluated innovative educational interventions in their local context.
  • Group activities. Breakout sessions facilitated by Dr Katy Newell-Jones and Dr Farshad Shaddel followed by a panel discussion chaired by Prof. Kathleen M. Quinlan on the importance of patient voices in educational interventions.

For more information and to register, please visit:

From Berlin, 
Harm Peters

Prof. Harm Peters, MD, MHPE
AMSE President
Mühlenstrasse 8a
D-14167 Berlin, Germany