AMSE Newsletter – 2023 – No. 11


AMSE Newsletter – 2023 – No. 11

Dear friends and colleagues, dear members of AMSE,

The AMSE Executive Committee wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a peaceful holiday season and a good start to 2024.

The year has been marked by the revolutionary developments in the field of artificial intelligence. Therefore, for this year´s Christmas greetings, we used AI platforms to generate the Christmas image for our Christmas News Letter ( and to formulate a meaningful quote for each of the three AMSE´s main themes – education, research and patient care (

“Christmas is a time to reflect on the gift of knowledge and the power of education. Just as the Star of Bethlehem guided the wise men, let the light of learning guide us in shaping the future of medical education in Europe.”

“As we celebrate Christmas, let us remember that the greatest gift we can give to humanity is the gift of scientific discovery and medical breakthroughs. May this season inspire us to pursue innovative research that brings hope and healing to all.”

“The essence of Christmas lies in the spirit of compassion and care. As medical professionals, let us embrace this season as a reminder to provide warmth and comfort to our patients, spreading love and healing throughout the year.”

I would like to end the year with a review of our very successful AMSE Annual Conference, held in the beautiful city of Iasi, Romania, from 5 to 7 October 2023, hosted by the Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Iasi.

Our conference theme, “Digital Transformation for Healthcare Professions: Patient Care, Education and Research” attracted a total of 531 participants, 426 in person and 103 online, with a large number of medical students. Participants came from Romania, Republic of Moldova, Hungary, Georgia, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, UK, Poland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Greece, Slovenia, Lithuania, Malta, Spain, Italy, Oman, USA and United Arab Emirates.

In addition to the excellent keynotes, workshops, oral presentations and posters, a particular highlight at this year’s AMSE annual conference was the presentation of the inaugural Peter Dieter Leadership Award to Prof Ronald Harden, Editor of Medical Teacher and former long-standing Secretary General of the Association for Medical Education in Europe.

From Berlin, 
Harm Peters

Prof. Harm Peters, MD, MHPE
AMSE President
Mühlenstrasse 8a
D-14167 Berlin, Germany