AMSE Newsletter – 2022 – No. 2


AMSE Newsletter – 2022 – No. 2

Dear friends and colleagues, dear members of AMSE,

AMSE has been approached by the Ukrainian Medical Association to disseminate the following message and plea to sign the StingMD petition.

“Dear AMSE members, in these dark times we turn for your advocacy and support.

As a renowned international medical leader

Please, sign our StingMD petition and help to engage your influential patients or stakeholders to raise the REAL financial/IT sanctions against Russia and Belarus.

As the leader of influential professional society

Please, impose the proposed educational/research sanctions by inner decision in your professional community. And help to spread the StingMD petition among your members and colleagues.

Please, help to stop the war which may end up being a nuclear one. Every minute is someone’s life.

Vadym Aristov, MD/MBA

Co-founder, President Emeritus in Ukrainian Medical Association”

From Berlin,
Harm Peters

Prof. Harm Peters, MD, MHPE
AMSE President
Mühlenstrasse 8a
D-14167 Berlin, Germany