AMSE has signed Memorandum of Understanding with World Health Summit (WHS)


AMSE has signed Memorandum of Understanding with World Health Summit (WHS)

AMSE and WHS support the active integration of all relevant disciplines and sectors to encourage the development of synergies and innovations for the improvement of better health and wellbeing of humanity.

With the present agreement, the undersigned organisations reiterate their intention to strategic cooperation and mutual assistance. The collaboration especially aims to: 

  • intensify the dialogue between both organizations
  • assist each other in developing content and concepts 
  • give mutual support to each other’s events through communication and presence

WHS will try to give appropriate attention to the topics most relevant to AMSE, provide suitable opportunities for its representatives to present AMSE’s work, and take part in the conferences. AMSE will in return distribute relevant information about the WHS among their members and in their network.

WHS was founded in 2009 on the 300-year anniversary of the Charite – Universit├Ątsmedizin Berlin /Germany and has developed into one of the most importanti nternational conferences in the field of Global Health. The topics range from basic medical research to public policy. Under the claim “Science-Innovation-Policies” the Summit takes place annually in October in Berlin with 300 speakers and attracts over 2,500 participants. WHS brings together representatives from academia, politics, civil society and the private sector to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s health challenges worldwide and set a science based health agenda. The academic backbone of WHS is the “M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centres, Universities and NationalAcademies” which now has 25 members from 18 countries.