AMSE at the AMEE Conference, 23-29 August 2019 Vienna / Austria


AMSE at the AMEE Conference, 23-29 August 2019 Vienna / Austria

Co-organized symposium of AMSE and AMEE

The key theme of the symposium was “The 21st century medical undergraduate curriculum: What’s in and what’s out?”

The well-attended symposium was chaired by Valerie Wass & Trudy Roberts (AMEE) and Peter Dieter (AMSE). A number of international speakers including Neil Johnson, Croi, Ireland (Patient/consumer perspective on needs of 21st century medical undergraduate curriculum), Fedde Scheele, Amsterdam (A Vision of the Doctor of the future), Catarina Pais Rodrigues Catarina, IFMSA (What should go in) and Vagelis Papageorgiou, EMSA (What should come out) gave introductory presentations at the beginning and offered a range of views.

All participants discussed with the speakers and chairs different aspects of the theme of the symposium such as questions about how health systems might look like in the future, how we have to respond now to changes and challenges with e.g. the training of health professionals for the future.

AMEE Executive Meeting

Peter Dieter as President of AMSE was invited to attend the Executive Meeting. He gave a presentation of AMSE activities and a closer collaboration between AMEE and AMSE was discussed.