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Berlin, 12 September 2018

Successful acquisition of an Erasmus project “Development of innovative training solutions in the field of functional evaluation aimed at updating of the curricula of health sciences schools.”


Under the guidance of the Politechnika Slaska, Gliwice, Poland, AMSE has successfully been granted an Erasmus Project “Development of innovative training solutions in the field of functional evaluation aimed at updating of the curricula of health sciences schools”. The project will be financially supported from November 2018 to October 2020 with a total of 211.471 Euro. It is intended that the results of this project will be sustainable and they will be focused on enriching the training currently provided at health sciences schools, also facing the deficit of skills that Europe suffers today. Apart from Politechnika Slaska and AMSE the project consortium is formed by Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia (SPAIN) and Universitat de Valencia (SPAIN).

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Berlin, 7 September 2018

AMSE at the AMEE Conference, 25-29 August 2018, Basel / Switzerland


Co-organised symposium of AMSE and AMEE

The key theme of the symposium was “Are medical schools selecting students with the appropriate values for 21st century medicine?”

The well-attended symposium was chaired by Valerie WASS (UK) and Peter DIETER (AMSE). A number of international speakers, Katrina DIMA (IFMSA), Harm Peters (AMSE), Sharon PETERS (Canada) and Trudie ROBERTS (AMEE) gave introductory presentations at the beginning and offered a range of views:

Trudie ROBERTS pointed out challenges of the future role of a doctor and current thinking. Katrina DIMA showed the IFMSA perspective. Sharon ROBERTS emphasised the need to diversity which embraces the humanities and technical skills, and Harm PETERS referred to the future need for a much wider perspective to address socioeconomics and digital health with the need for wider degrees to embrace business management etc.

All participants discussed with the speakers and chairs different aspects of the theme of the symposium such as questions about western standards and how they can be used for developing countries, learning from developing countries how they face the problem, if MMIs are the answers.

AMEE Faculty Development Committee

The AMEE Faculty Development:

  • had a booth giving information to interested colleagues
  • offered a symposium “Faculty Development for Organizational Change”, chaired by Yvonne STEINERT and Miriam BOILLAT
  • an open meeting with an emphasis on research on Faculty Development and
  • hold the Faculty Development Committee Meeting with the new members.

AMEE Executive Meeting

Peter DIETER as President of AMSE was invited to attend the Executive Meeting. He gave a presentation on AMSE and its activities. He also was elected to be a member of the AMEE Executive Committee.

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Berlin, 5 June 2018

AMSE at the XIII IREG 9 Conference at Hasselt, Belgium, 23-25 May 2018, Hasselt / Belgium


The meeting was entitled “Ranking and Accreditation – two roads to the same goal?” Accreditation and ranking have been, until recently, perceived as two separate areas in the sphere of evaluation of higher education, each serving a different purpose. This perception, however, is changing. The aim of this IREG-9 Conference was to analyse the relations between accreditation and rankings in the context of challenges facing higher education and its quality.

Accreditation is focused primarily on the quality of teaching is academic and made for students and parents, while the rankings are focused on the quality of research and made for the public. Accreditation measures the quality of the inputs into education while rankings measure the outcomes of a higher academic institution. By working together, it is possible to use the best practices of both specialties to maintain strong and consistent educational standards in growing and quickly evolving landscape of higher education.

The meeting brought together leading ranking specialists whereas specialists in accreditation were underrepresented.

As an accreditation specialist, Peter Dieter could contribute important issues from the accreditation side to the audience and by doing this building a bridge between accreditation and ranking. He also gave an inside into the accreditation and rankings in medicine and introduced AMSE and its quality assurance program which was very well received.


About IREG

IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence (IREG Observatory) is an international institutional non-profit association of ranking organisations, universities and other bodies interested in university rankings and academic excellence. Its purpose is strengthening of public awareness and understanding of range of issues related to university rankings and academic excellence.

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Berlin, 4 May 2018

AMSE at the at the World Health Summit Regional Meeting, 19 – 20 April 2018, Coimbra / Portugal


The meeting was entitled “We are creating together the Future of Global Health”. In 20 workshops and 4 key lectures, topics such as Biomedical Education for a Changing World, How to change the Curricula to include Global Heallth and many others were discussed. The meeting brought together leading researchers, physicians, government officials and representatives from industry, non-governmental organisations and healthcare systems worldwide.

Peter Dieter could get contact to many participants and introduced AMSE and its quality assurance program which was very well received.

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